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Job Board > Postdoctoral Fellow-Immunology - Sunnybrook Research Institute-University of Toronto

Postdoctoral Fellow-Immunology - Sunnybrook Research Institute-University of Toronto

Province: Toronto, Ontario
Position: Postdoctoral Fellow-Immunology
Deadline: June 30, 2018
Posted: May 1, 2018

Job Description / Duties

Our laboratory focuses on translational research. Specifically, we are developing biotherapies and immunotherapies that may lead to novel treatment options for patients with autoimmune diseases and/or cancer. The applicant will lead a project in the area of Immunology and Protein Engineering. In the present case, the selected postdoctoral fellow will develop and evaluate a new immunotherapy. We are searching for a postdoctoral fellow that will work independently in most instances. However, we do expect the candidate to work/establish collaborations with both our academic and pharmaceutical partners, as it is the nature of our research program.

Qualifications / Required Skills

-The position is limited to recent Ph.D. graduates [within the past 2 years].
-A Ph.D. degree in Immunology is preferred.
-The candidate must have strong practical skills in cellular and molecular immunology as well as be familiar with mouse models of disease.
-The applicant must have written and published peer-reviewed research articles in established journals that have a focus in Immunology, Inflammatory Diseases and/or Oncology.
-Experience with standard Protein Expression/Characterization techniques represents an asset.

Contact Information

Please send your CV by email to gariepy@sri.utoronto.ca.

Your CV should include a short [2 paragraphs] detailing what aspect of our research program matches your academic interest and skill set. In addition, please provide the email address and telephone number of two referees as well as full references of your publications.

Employer Profile

Our laboratory is developing new protein- and oligonucleotide-based immuno-modulators and immune checkpoint inhibitors that target inflammatory diseases and cancer. [www.jeangariepy.com]