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Trainee Engagement Committee (TEC)

The CSI TEC has two main goals: (1) social media management (2) trainee engagement at the annual CSI conference. (1) To engage the immunology and general community to promote awareness of immunology and provide a reliable and professional resource for information on research and immunology-related news. (2) The TEC should strive to provide sessions/activities at the Spring meetings that will foster meaningful connections between immunology trainees from across Canada that will extend beyond the scientific meeting. Historically this session has been titled the “trainee mixer”. Additional sessions for trainees to promote career or skills development may also be hosted by the CSI TEC.

TEC 2023 / 2024

Quebec Local Organizing Committee:

Vanessa de Carvalho Oliveira


Macdonald Lab, University of Sherbrooke

Stefanie Valbon

  Melichar Lab, University of Montreal

Miranda Yu

  Quail Lab, McGill University

Alberta Local Organizing Committee:

Kasia Dzierlega


Clemente-Cesares Lab, University of Alberta

Shae Komant


Baldwin Lab, University of Alberta

Isla Skalosky


Geuking Lab, University of Calgary

Quebec (Gatineau) Local Organizing Committee:

Simin Ahmadvand

  Lee Lab, University of Ottawa

Natasha Norton

  Reynolds Lab, University of Victoria
Sophia Stegeman  

Gee Lab, Queen's University