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Dear CSI Members,

Protests against anti-black racism and structural inequities have erupted in the US and spread globally. Anti-Black racism is not confined to the US, but is also pervasive in Canada. Systemic inequities are faced every day and in every aspect of life by Black, Indigenous, racialized and marginalized people in our communities.

The CSI commits to confronting racism and inequity directly and specifically. This begins by acknowledging that Black researchers, trainees and staff face systemic racism. That Indigenous, racialized and marginalized groups face systemic racism. That our academic systems must change, and that we will use our resources and yes, our privilege, to take action and work towards change.

We have four specific actions we are taking immediately, with further initiatives to be rolled out in the weeks and months to come.

  1. We are asking for a few people to step forward and co-lead and facilitate a conversation with our community about anti-black and anti-indigenous racism in Canadian academia.
  2. With our increased activity in social media during the pandemic and beyond, we will invite leaders and participants to step forward for a conversation on race in academia. Along with this, we will amplify the work and twitter voices of Black, Indigenous and racialized people.
  3. We are establishing a Travel award for trainees from these under represented groups to participate in the CSI annual meeting.
  4. We commit to increasing the diversity of our symposia and workshops to include people from racialized and marginalized groups in addition to the gender balance that we have been achieving.

When we are complacent, we are complicit. When we are silent, we are complicit. We must join the voices of those impacted by racism and structural inequity, and work to make change.

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As a member of the CSI you will be eligible to apply for student, postdoctoral and junior faculty travel awards to the annual Canadian Society for Immunology meeting as well as travel awards given out every third year to attend the International Congress of Immunology's annual meeting. As a CSI member you will be able to register for the annual CSI meeting at a reduced registration rate.

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