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The CSI 2020 Annual Meeting scheduled for June 5-8 has been cancelled. Those who have already registered for the meeting will have their fees refunded. This decision was not made lightly; in the face of this global crisis we must be leaders in demonstrating the importance of social distancing in protecting our communities.

Our deep thanks to Sheela Ramanathan, Lori Coulthurst and the local organizing committee in Quebec for their hard work and dedication in planning and fundraising for the conference.

CSI 2021 is planned for Victoria, BC. Between now and then, CSI is working to create opportunities for our community to connect with each other and with the public.

Our deepest gratitude goes to those colleagues working on the front lines, including those treating patients, developing policy, testing our population, and those actively working on COVID-19-related research. To those with lab-based research programs that are stopping non-essential work, please consider donating reagents needed for COVID-19 testing and collecting PPE that might be needed by front line health care providers. (https://can-acn.org/public-health-agency-of-canada-call-for-reagents-for-covid19-testing/ and https://bit.ly/33y1gAQ). Your institution may already be working along these lines. If not, consider working with your leadership to join this national effort.

We are facing a global event that will impact every aspect of our lives. Please remember, you are not alone. We are a community and together we face this challenge.

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Science education piece on COVID19 for older kids (featuring a few CSI members) called "No Mercy for the Coronas"


IUIS-Frontiers Webinar Series on COVID-19: Visit IUIS webpage for further details

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As a member of the CSI you will be eligible to apply for student, postdoctoral and junior faculty travel awards to the annual Canadian Society for Immunology meeting as well as travel awards given out every third year to attend the International Congress of Immunology's annual meeting. As a CSI member you will be able to register for the annual CSI meeting at a reduced registration rate.

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