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History has shown the major impact vaccination has on improving public health, and today, COVID19 vaccines are clearly having a measurable impact in controlling the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.  The Canadian Society for Immunology supports unbiased, well-informed and non-politicized scientific debate as vaccine rollouts occur with unprecedented speed; however, we strongly condemn concerted disinformation campaigns that misuse selected scientific data to advance political or economic ideologies.  These activities not only undermine the scientific process but also actively impair public heath efforts and prolong the pandemic at great cost to us all.  We are proud of our scientists who continue to work hard to fully understand all facets of the immune response to this virus, as well as the response to vaccines.  Based on the overwhelming evidence for vaccine safety and efficacy, we urge all Canadians to get fully vaccinated as soon as possible; we stand firmly in support of the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Detailed information from the Public Health Agency of Canada can be viewed here:


Read the statement from Canadian Science Societies here: https://canadiansciencesocieties.ca/

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A new virtual series is being presented by Dr. Nelson to bring together researchers from around the world interested in the B cell response to cancer, as well as related topics in fundamental B cell biology, autoimmunity, transplantation, infectious disease, and B cell engineering. The idea is to have a series of free, monthly 2h Zoom sessions with 4 x 30 min talks by PIs and/or their senior trainees. The first phase of the series will run from Sept 2021-December 2021. Our goal is to attract a wide audience but at the same time focus on people who are passionate about these topics and collaborative by nature. Our hope is that this consortium will grow to accelerate progress in the B cells in cancer field by fostering more interaction between PIs & trainees for idea and data sharing.

See attached Save the Date flyer for details.

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As a member of the CSI you will be eligible to apply for student, postdoctoral and junior faculty travel awards to the annual Canadian Society for Immunology meeting as well as travel awards given out every third year to attend the International Congress of Immunology's annual meeting. As a CSI member you will be able to register for the annual CSI meeting at a reduced registration rate.

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