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Award Winners

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Cinader Award Recipients

The Bernhard (Hardi) Cinader award lectureship is given to a Canadian scientist who exemplifies distinguished scientific leadership and accomplishments in Immunology.

  Recipient Lecture title
2023 Zhou Xing Respiratory Mucosal Immunity: A Trek Through Research and Self-Discovery
2022 Brad Nelson 30 Years in the Cancer Immunotherapy Field,
and More Optimistic Than Ever
2021 Martin Olivier A Life of Wasps and Caterpillars
2019 Jean Marshall Building Bridges with Mast Cells
2018 Michael Grant Edge to edge: Look  straight ahead
2017 Claude Perreault Know Thyself
2016 Tania Watts From planar membranes to TNFRs, a tale of costimulation and collaboration
2015 Eleanor Fish The Art Behind Going Viral
2014 Pamela Ohashi From Y Y Z and Beyond
2013 Mike Gold When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take it!
2012 Paul Kubes Imaging the Immune System in Blood Vessels: Seeing a Whole New World
2011 Michelle Letarte Experiments and Adventures with Endoglin and Immunology!
2010 Christopher Paige Dancing with the Bees
2009 André Veillette Signaling in the Immune System: T cells and Beyond
2008 Kent HayGlass What is Normal?
2007 Rafik-Pierre Sékaly Human Immunology: 15 years experience and an eternal challenge
2006 Chris Bleackley Confessions of a Thanatologist
2005 Michael Julius Une Histoire D'Amour
2003 Gillian Wu G.O.D. is in the details: Life forces and the Generation of Diversity
2002 Linda Pilarski Challenging the Status Quo: From Sombreros to Nanobiotechnology
2001 Bhagirath Singh Life before signaling: peptides, microbes, and regulation of autoimmunity
2000 John Schrader Science and Sunday afternoons: P-cells to proteomics
1999 Dean Befus From worms to asthma: the road to little feG
1998 Jack Gauldie From the Chicken to the Egg and with a Virus in Between
1997 Arnold Greenberg The molecular basis of cell mediated cytotoxicity
1996 Peter Bretscher Regulation of the immune response: the significance of quantitative and qualitative signals as physiological signs
1995 Dennis Osmond A B-cell biography: the soil and the seed
1994 Tak Mak And appear to be and appear not to be
1993 Tim Mosmann T-cells and cytokines: why does the immune system have to be so complex
1992 John Bienenstock From there to here
1991 Emil Skamene Experiments of nature and natural resistance
1990 John Roder The ghost of Metchnikov
1989 Rick Miller T cell differentiation
1988 Alec Sehon Tolerogenic derivatives of biologically active antigens for therapeutic intervention
1987 Hardi Cinader Developmental change in the second half of life - challenge and opportunity


John D Reynolds Recipients

This John D. Reynolds award is given for a long term member of the CSI for their exceptional service to CSI. The award can be, but is not necessarily, given each year.

Year Recipient
2022 Juan Carlos (JC) Zúñiga-Pflücker
University of Toronto
2021 Sylvie Lesage
University of Montreal
2020 Hanna Ostergaard
University of Alberta
2018 Tania Watts
University of Toronto
2017 Michelle Letarte
University of Toronto
2016 Gillian Wu
York University
2014 Hermann Ziltener
University of British Columbia
2012 Marianna Newkirk
University of Toronto
2011 Michael Ratcliffe
University of Toronto
2010 Bhagirath Singh
University of Western Ontario


Investigator Award Recipients

CSI New Investigator:

2023 Dr. Daniela Quail
McGill University
2022 Dr. Matthew Macauley
University of Alberta
2021 Dr. Judith N. Mandl
McGill University
2020 Dr. Jean-Philippe Julien
University of Toronto
2019 Dr. Bebhinn Treanor
University of Toronto
2018 Dr. Martin J. Richer
McGill University
2017 Dr. Clinton Robbins
University of Toronto
2016 Dr. Irah King
McGill University
2015 Dr. Mani Larijani
Memorial University of Newfoundland
2014 Dr. Colby Zaph
University of British Columbia
2013 Dr. Troy Baldwin
University of Alberta
2012 Dr. Yan Shi
University of Calgary
2011 Dr. James R. Carlyle
University of Toronto
2010 Dr. Maya Saleh
McGill University
2009 Dr. Megan Levings
University of British Columbia
2008 Dr. Alberto Martin
University of Toronto
2007 Dr. Tong-Jun Lin
Dalhousie University
2006 Dr. Andrew P. Makrigiannis
University of Montreal

CSI Investigator:

2023 Dr. Kelly McNagny
University of British Columbia
2022 Dr. Kathy McCoy
University of Calgary
2021 Dr. Nathalie Labrecque
University of Montreal
2020 Dr. Naoto Hirano
University of Toronto
2019 Dr. Alberto Martin
University of Toronto
2018 Dr. Megan Levings
University of British Columbia
2017 Dr. Jude Uzonna
University of Manitoba
2016 Dr. Jen Gommerman
University of Toronto
2015 Dr. Dana Philpott
University of Toronto
2014 Dr. Martin Olivier
McGill University
2013 Dr. Hanne Ostergaard
University of Alberta
2012 Dr. Eleanor Fish
University of Toronto
2011 Dr. Pamela S. Ohashi
University of Toronto
2010 Dr. Paul Kubes
University of Calgary
2008 Dr. Juan Carlos Zúñiga-Pflücker
University of Toronto
2007 Dr. Linda Matsuuchi
University of British Columbia
2006 Dr. Tania H. Watts
University of Toronto


Trainee and Investigator Travel Awards

Travel awards for CSI membership students, post-doctoral fellows and investigators are available for the annual CSI meeting. Notice for accepting applications is sent out via email in early December. See attached for past CSI Annual Meeting travel award winners.


International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) Congress - CSI Travel Awards

Every three years, the International Union of Immunological Societies (IUIS) Congress holds it’s international conference. CSI provides travel awards for Junior Investigators, Students and Postdoctoral fellows to attend the meeting. See at list of past winners.