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Day of Immunology

The International Day of Immunology falls on April 29th every year and consists of public events organized by Immunologists around the world in an effort to raise the public profile of Immunology and the impact Immunology has on health. https://iuis.org/activities/2023-day-of-immunology/

CSI applauds this initiative and would like to encourage our members to get involved in their local areas. To facilitate involvement, we have created powerpoint presentation slides adapted from European Day of Immunology materials.  These outreach materials are in English or French.

The slides are intended as a resource for explaining the principles and importance of immunology to the public, and can be freely modified or adapted in any way.  

Download this presentation: English Version here; French Version here(). (note this file is 9.3MB and speed may vary based on your connection)

Examples of public outreach activities can include public lectures in a university or primary / secondary school setting, media announcements of research successes, or publication of newspaper articles.  With the support of our membership, the CSI looks forward to introducing the Day of Immunology to North America!

Here are some latest activities planned by CSI Members:

UBC ImmunoTherapeutics Cluster (ImmunoT) - April 2023

IMMspire 2023 University of Toronto, St. George - April 2023