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Michael Gold Early Career Investigators Webinar Series

How to nominate speakers

  • The Committee has begun to generate a database of ECIs, which will be updated on a regular basis. We invite CSI members to nominate ECIs who have recently joined or are about to join the Canadian immunology workforce. Speaker nomination can be put forward at any time. Please email basic information regarding your nominees (name, past and new affiliations, faculty appointment date, personal and/or professional website addresses), ideally along with the nominee’s curriculum vitae, to info@csi-sci.ca.
  • An Early Career Investigator (ECI) is defined as a basic or clinician scientist working in any area(s) of immunology who received her/his first independent, full-time research appointment within the past five years at the time of her/his nomination. This period does not include eligible delays, such as maternity, parental, medical and bereavement leaves.
  • The ECI Webinar Committee will select speakers based primarily on scientific merit while also considering the implementation of equity, diversity, inclusiveness and indigenization (EDII). The Committee will also strive to ensure broad representation from different geographical locations. Selected speakers will be encouraged to join the CSI if they are not members of our Society already.

Upcoming Talks:

March 9, 2023   3:00PM EST


Dr. Michele Ardolino, University of Ottawa

"More than a … Ligand: PD-L1 Promotes a Metabolic Shift that Suppresses Type I IFN in Cancer Cells"

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May 18, 2023   3:00PM EST  

Dr. Deanna Santer, University of Manitoba

"Roles of Type III Interferons in Antiviral Immunity and Beyond"

July 13, 2023   3:00PM EST  

Dr. Christina Guzzo, University of Toronto - Scarborough

"Discovering Immune Cell Fingerprints on Viruses; Why and How We Study Them"

Sept. 13, 2023

      3:00PM EST     

Dr. Valentin Jaumouille, Simon Fraser University

"How do Macrophages Decide What to Eat?"

Nov. 9, 2023   3:00PM EST  

Dr. Olga Rojas, University of Toronto

"Understanding the Role of B Cells in Neurodegeneration"

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Jan. 11, 2024   3:00PM EST  

Dr. Hugues Allard-Chamard, University of Sherbrooke

"Inborn Error of Immunity as Tool to Understand the Development of Rheumatic Conditions"

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