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Membership Categories

Elected (Full) Member - $80 (one year) or $375 (five years) Sign Up

Elected (Full) Member is available to those persons who have conducted research, who have published papers in scientific journals, and who are actively engaged in investigation, teaching or other forms of scholarship in the field of immunology or related sciences. To be eligible, a candidate must possess a Ph.D. or equivalent graduate degree in immunology or a related discipline and be an author on one publication on an immunological topic. Details and application procedures.

Emeritus Member - $30 Sign Up

Emeritus Member is open to those persons who having been elected members, have retired from active employment because of age or illness. Details and application procedures.

Associate Member - New Associate $50 (two year); Renew $50 (one year); $85 (two years) Sign up

Associate Member is open to those persons who, although not qualified for elected membership, are postdoctoral fellows, research assistants or teachers in Immunology and related sciences. Details and application procedures.

Student Member - New Student $30 (two year); Renew $30 (one year); $45 (two years)  Sign up

Student Member is open to those persons who, although not qualifying for elected or associate membership are graduate or undergraduate students enrolled in educational or training programs that could lead to a career in research in immunology or related fields. Details and application procedures.

Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership shall be those persons who, not being elected, emeritus, associate or student members of the Society, have rendered distinguished service to Immunology or related sciences is reserved for those who have shown exceptional achievement in the field of immunology. They are selected by the CSI Council.