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Job Board > PhD Graduate Student - University of Saskatchewan

PhD Graduate Student - University of Saskatchewan

Province: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Position: PhD Graduate Student
Deadline: June 3, 2024

Job Description / Duties

The Pioli lab is looking for a PhD graduate student to join the lab in September 2024 or earlier.

Our lab focuses on understanding the development and function of antibody-secreting cells (ASCs). ASCs are terminally differentiated B cells which produce protective antibodies under normal conditions. In addition, these cells have been shown to regulate hematopoietic development in a variety of contexts including aging. In the context of aging, ASCs promote myelopoiesis which is linked to the increased risk of developing myelodysplastic syndromes and subsequent leukemias.

The putative PhD student will focus on understanding how ASCs are programmed to regulate blood cell development in the bone marrow. Understanding these events will provide critical insights into healthy aging and the prevention of age-associated leukemias.

Qualifications / Required Skills

A MSc in immunology is required. Experience with B cells and/or hematopoiesis is preferred.

Additional Information

The Pioli lab is equal opportunity and welcomes applications from all individuals. However, applicants that are Canadian citizens or permanent residents will be given priority.

Contact Information

Dr. Pete Pioli