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Job Board > Graduate Students - Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Graduate Students - Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Province: Ottawa, Ontario
Position: Graduate Students
Deadline: December 31, 2019
Posted: May 15, 2019

Job Description / Duties

Highly motivated graduate students are being sought to join the Auer Translational Research Lab at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute to investigate the efficacy of novel immunotherapeutic strategies targeting immune dysfunction in abdominal cancers.

Research Program Overview:
An improved understanding of the immune systems role in combating cancer has resulted in the development of a number of clinically effective therapeutics. However, ongoing large-scale whole genome sequencing efforts continue to reveal the incredible genetic diversity present in patient tumours suggesting that personalized vaccine strategies aimed at enhancing immune recognition of patient-specific neoantigens may offer the best way forward. Dr Rebecca Auer’s research group is currently developing an autologous infected cell vaccine (ICV) platform for the treatment of abdominal malignancies. Candidates are being sought to investigate the mechanisms underlying the potent immune stimulating properties of the ICV which combines oncolytic virus delivery with patient specific antigens.

As a clinician-scientist currently leading several clinical trials, Dr Auer has a proven ability to translate findings from the bench to the bedside and is committed to improving outcomes for cancer patients and their families

Qualifications / Required Skills

• Completion of a BSc or MSc degree
• An understanding of cancer immunology represented by completion of course work, undergraduate research projects or published research findings
• Previous hands on experience with multi-colour flow cytometry and immune cell isolation is considered an asset
• Willingness to work with animal models and tissues
• An interest in pursuing a career in cancer immunotherapy

Contact Information

Please submit a transcript of all undergraduate/graduate course work, a brief description of previous research experience, CV and contact information for three references to Michael Kennedy via email - mikennedy@ohri.ca.