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35th CSI Annual Meeting

Non-Member - Earlybird Fee $850.00
Until April 1 - Savings of $75
Please indicate the key technique that applies to you most:
 confocal and two-photon imaging  
 immune cell differentiation and culture  
 identification of soluble mediators (ELISA etc)  
 next-generation sequencing  
 vaccine and therapeutic development  
Please indicate the research interest that applies to you most:
 immune cell development  
 signaling and function  
 host/pathogen interactions; autoimmunity  
 viral infections  
EDI questionnaire (optional)
Demographic information will be used to help improve the Society’s initiatives to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion and will remain confidential.
Please indicate all equity deserving groups with which you identify:
 Woman (or female)  
 Person of Colour  
 Person with a disability  
 Other equity deserving group  
 Prefer not to answer  
Do you plan to attend the banquet dinner?
 Yes    No
If attending the banquet, please indicate your Banquet Dinner Entree Choice:
 Chicken    Vegetarian    Not attending
Expected Conduct for Attendees
As the CSI remains committed to fostering a welcoming and inclusive culture, we have proactively adopted the following statement of Expected Conduct for attendees. Registrants are asked to read this document, understanding that its intention is to maintain an open and respectful dialogue and a positive meeting experience for all.
Office use only: